Farmer’s Basket

10 lbs for $50 or 20 lbs for $75

A mix of cuts left after weekly standing order deliveries are finished – this is what the farmer’s family eats. Is predominantly ham cubes, ground, ribs, stew bones, hocks, feet, liver, kidney, heart, head, jowl, lard and other good things for soup and the adventurous cook. Includes a little taste of prime cuts like chops, roasts, fresh hams, etc. Highly affordable wholesome food we feed our family.

To order contact:

Help eat the pig nose-to-tail and get a great price break! Sampler packs vary with availability and are farmer’s pick. To order specific cuts use the By-The-Cut order section of the order form.

2 thoughts on “Farmer’s Basket

    • We have two heads in the freezer that are available right now. Both are split with jowl on. One is 16.4 lbs ears off $75.68 and the other is 20.1 lbs with ears on $94.37.

      If you would like a non-split head we can do that. It would take about two weeks to get into the butcher’s cycle.

      Where are you located? Is this pickup at the farm, delivery along our weekly route ($10) or shipped (2nd day FedEx rates vary)?

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